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Water And Its Uses In The Society.

Water makes up about seventy percent of the earth’s surface. It is a very essential product in our lives and to other living things. Everything on earth depends on the existence of water and if it happens to disappear none will survive for long.

The first most common consumption of water is drinking. Water also helps in the growth of living things. Electricity is produced through pumping of electricity. Without water many of the activities that we do today could not be possible and even most of the living things could not be around as we know them.

We are therefore required to take care of this very important resource if we still need to survive in this world. The first step that we can take towards this goal is to ensure that we put in measure not to polute our water. If pollution happens, we are required to have measures that will help restore water to its natural state. This can be done in small or large scale.

The concept of water treatment involves making it safe for the different end use it is intended for. he whole process of treating water has the sole purpose of removing anything that is deemed not fit and that can affect the user.

A septic tank is used in the treatment of wastewater. It undergoes a scientific process that involves separation of water from the waste and depositing in different places.

One of the main types of wastewater treatment is the agriculture wastewater treatment. This involves treating water that might have been affected by chemicals and fertilizers from the farm before it reaches other water sources like rivers and oceans nearby.

Water treatment facilities are also used for domestic treatment.
The other type of treatment is largescale and involves public amenities.

One has to know that they are entitled to some fee during and after the installation of a septic tank. The city council collects some money from people in order to deal with wastewater. The following are the reasons why it is collected and also why it is important to comply.

One is that the fee is used to help in the maintenance of the sewage and drainage pipes of the city because without this, the city can be in a sewage disaster.

It requires a lot of money to recycle wastewater and the people should be part of its treatment.

It is very important that people fund their own projects in their cities.

The city also uses the money to conduct tests of the water that it collects and this tests help in many ways

It is important that the salary of the people working with the council in that sector be paid.

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